There were two workshops organized by the Higher Education Centre of Sežana within the EU cross border project KAMEN-MOST (Stone Bridge) in the rest area by the parking place of the Škocjan Caves Park Visitors’ Centre. The aim was to learn the vanishing art of karstic drystone walling along with rebuilding an old wall, which was in very poor condition. We knew that the result, i.e. a beautifully restored wall, would add value to this World Heritage Site, and show visitors a real karstic drystone wall.

The participants of these voluntary workshops were eager to learn individuals of all ages that do care about this distinct segment of the traditional karst cultural landscape.

Following the guidance and instructions of local mentors, the participants demolished the old wall built without mortar, cleaned up the surroundings and began with the rebuilding. In the shade of the trees, the work had a good run. Hardworking hands have turned stones until they placed them in the right position, and so the wall slowly received its final form.

We want this wall to represent a lasting memory, and a good example of the karstic drystone wall construction for our visitors from all over the world, so we kindly ask you to respect our work and effort, and help us maintain the wall.